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Capella Style Guide

New London public relations company named after the Capella star, one of the brightest in the northern hemisphere and part of the Auriga constellation which – appropriately for a business getting its clients talked about – is shaped like a quotation mark.

“Creating the brand identity for a new company requires creativity, technical expertise and a lot of patience. Rich has all three and was a perfect partner for Capella when we were planning our launch. We had the seed of an idea, but Rich took it to the next level, making it look stunning and creating a complete visual identity. That allowed us to present the company in a consistent and professional manner across all our channels from day one. Two years in, and we still refer to the brand guidelines regularly and they are the go-to resource for third parties when they use our brand in anything from a business card, to a web site, to a conference presentation.”
Gareth Thomas, Capella.




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Gareth Thomas, Capella.